February 17, 2022, Miami, Florida. RAINFOREST RESOURCES INC. (Symbol: RRIF)and its subsidiary RAINFOREST DEL ECUADOR are pleased to announce, the certification of the UKUMARI Project by VERRA.


The UKUMARI project is a diverse project, whose main objective is the conservation of the environment, considering all the existing flora and fauna in the area, prioritizing species at risk and reforestation of forests.


With the CCB project, 6,705.90 hectares of cloud forest will be conserved, which is equivalent to a carbon stock of 3,031,086.47 tons of CO2 (tCO2eq). By avoiding deforestation of the area, 1,202,718 tons of CO2 (tCO2eq) will not be emitted into the atmosphere until 2035, according to existing deforestation trends.


Currently, specialists are working on the reforestation of the affected areas in which there has been human intervention, with the objective of recovering these areas as well as the endemic ecosystem.


There is a great amount of biodiversity in the UKUMARI forest, recent studies of flora, birds, amphibians and mammals, show the high biological diversity that houses this forest, which is why this project is to protect each and every one of the endemic species of the area, especially those that are in the category of threatened and red lists worldwide, such as the case of specific species of the area such as the black-breasted curassow (bird), the western toad (amphibian), the vertebral cutin (amphibian), and other animals that are listed in vulnerable categories such as the andean bear (mammal), the puma (mammal), the tigrillo (mammal), the glass frog (amphibian), among others.


We can mention unique species of plants that are only found in the UKUMARI forest such as the moquillo plant and the pumamaqui plant.


Taking into consideration that there are still many biological groups to study, but according to the different surveys that have been conducted in the area show a high diversity of groups such as fungi and orchids.


UKUMARI is a natural germplasm bank, it is also highly vulnerable, and the permanence of its biological diversity is at risk, because external actions are difficult to control, despite the conservation efforts that the company Rain Forest Environmental Services of Ecuador is carrying out. For this reason, the company sought other mechanisms for ex situ conservation of the genetic resources that exist in the forest, which also allows for the financial sustainability of conservation actions. It also seeks to promote alternatives to improve the quality of life of local populations by involving them in the project and training them in the development of promising marketable products.


One of these ex situ conservation mechanisms is the creation of a genetic resource bank or bio-bank, which is defined as the appropriate infrastructure for collecting, recording and storing biological samples of different kinds; be they seeds (in the case of plant species) or spores (fungi), cell lines cultivated in vitro and cryopreserved or reproductive cells (e.g., animal), tissues (e.g., tissues of animals), seeds (e.g., seeds of plants) or spores (e.g., fungi), cell lines cultivated in vitro and cryopreserved or reproductive cells (e.g., fungi). of animals, tissues (e.g. mycelial bodies in fungi) or whole cells (e.g. microorganisms) that are reproduced and kept alive in appropriate culture media. There are a few applicable methodologies for their collection and storage, depending on the species or group to be preserved. Local support is a pillar for the creation of the bio-bank.


Many of the plants found in the UKUMARI forest area will soon be analyzed for the elaboration of bio-pharmaceuticals to help in medical treatments, and their origin will be 100% organic.


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